10 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

10 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

Your landing page is an essential tool to help you build your list. If you really want to build a healthy list, you’ll want to find ways to avoid these landing page mistakes. Creating high-converting landing pages will ensure that the right people get your solutions in their hands, and since they will be on your email list, they’ll also find out about your new offers.

1. Your Page Loads Too Slowly – You have seconds to get and keep your audience’s attention. If your pages load slow, they’ll just go elsewhere. Use software to test how fast your pages load so that you can ensure they work well.

2. Your Page Isn’t Personalized for The Audience – It may seem like a small thing, but it’s important to create landing pages that are personalized for the audience you’re trying to attract. If you guest post on a blog, make a landing page just for that one audience, so they feel welcomed. You may have more than one landing page for each opt-in due to this in order to target the audience.

3. There Are Too Many Diversions on The Page – A landing page should be free of distractions so that your audience focuses on the offer at hand. Use very little navigation or sidebar information to help focus their attention.

4. The Information Included Doesn’t Differentiate Your Offer Enough – A visitor to the landing page needs to understand why your offer is so much better. How you are different or what makes you unique needs to be pointed out to your audience.

5. The Offer Doesn’t Match Your Marketing – If you notice you are getting a lot of click-throughs but no sign-ups, make sure that your offer matches the marketing and the audience you’re marketing to. Go back to looking at the description of the target audience you created as you made the freebie to get it right.

6. Using Irrelevant or No Images and Visuals to Help Attract Your Audience – Don’t bore your visitors to death by not making your landing pages and website visually oriented. Most people respond better to images that help advance the meaning of the words on the page. Plus, some imagery provides directional cues to the reader, helping them take advantage of your offers.

7. Not Paying Attention to Search Engine Optimization – SEO works for all types of content, but it will really help you get more traffic to your offers if you also include the skill on your landing pages. Headlines, keywords, headers, alt text, and more are all important on a landing page too.

8. Forgetting to Calm Their Fears with Social Proof – Showing that other people trust you and believe in what you say will build trust in your offers. Testimonials, likes, shares, downloads – all show that you can be trusted and will help improve your conversion rate.

9. Your Landing Page Doesn’t Work on Your Audience’s Device – The days of “optimizing for mobile” are over. If your site doesn’t work first on mobile, then you’re going to miss out on some customers. But do check your demographic information to ensure that you are optimizing each page for the devices most used by your audience.

10. You Include Weak CTAs – Saying things like “download now” is not a good enough CTA to use these days. You need to be more specific about the benefit of the download as well as who needs it in your CTA.

Developing a landing page that gets results takes time and practice. The first one you make might not work as well as the tenth one you make. But take heart in knowing that you can improve through testing over time until you create an opt-in page that works for your audience to build your list fast.

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