11 Ways SEO Improves Email Marketing

11 Ways SEO Improves Email Marketing

When you think about search engine optimization (SEO), you probably think about what you do on a blog post with the help of plugins like Yoast! SEO, to help with keywords, tagging, and other on-page factors. But SEO includes off-page options too that also help improve your marketing efforts.

1. Drives Qualified Traffic to Your Website – You may not realize this, but once someone is on your list, you’re not done with them coming to your website. Invite them back to your site by sending new blog posts, new product information, and so forth to them via email directly, based on their interests.

2. Improves Social Engagement – Sending email messages that bring your readers to your social media platforms will help improve engagement exponentially. For example, if you have a Facebook Group, you can send messages via email and ask them to come to discuss that message on the platform.

3. Helps Clarify Your Content Strategy – Due to the information you can gather from your email subscribers, you’re going to be able to find out exactly what type of content they need based on their interests, problems, and other factors that you will find out about them within the analytics of your email autoresponder software.

4. Ensures More Emails Get Opened – When you use acceptable SEO practices like keyword-rich subject lines and using the first paragraph of the email to deliver the message, you’re going to ensure more people open the email.

5. Lowers Your Bounce Rate – Using search engine optimization techniques like subject lines and using the right terms inside the email to keep your emails from bouncing. If the information is useful and they open them, the next emails are less likely to bounce.

6. Encourages More Social Sharing of Email Messages – Good SEO practices say that you should put most of the content you want your audience to consume on your website, not inside an email or on other platforms. Because of this, encouraging readers to share the email message with non-list members will help build your list more.

7. Allows You to Deliver Highly Personalized Content – The way email technology is set up, you can gather a lot of demographic information that the email autoresponder company collects on your audience as they sign up. That means the content you create later can be that much more pointed and directed.

8. Creates More Website Content – SEO encourages you to create more content for your website. When you create an email message, remember that it can also be republished on your website too.

9. Allows for Simpler Cross Promotion – It’s a lot easier to cross-promote to a captive audience within your email marketing than to try to get people randomly to come to your social media platforms and follow you.

10. Builds Product Awareness – The people who sign up for your email really want to know about you, or they would not sign up. Use email messages to help them get to know you and your offers even more.

11. Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind – Sending emails every day to your audience based on their interest within email will also help keep your brand in their mind. When they need your solutions, they’re going to remember you.

SEO is not just for your website; it’s also for email marketing. It all works together. Your website is where your content should live, but you can then use other tools like email, social media, and so forth to deliver more information in a more personalized way that gets results.

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