6 Things to Include on Your Freebie Opt-in Page

6 Things to Include on Your Freebie Opt-in Page

Once you have created your freebie, you’ll want to create an opt-in page. This list of things to include on your freebie opt-in page will help you make one that gets your ideal audience’s attention so that you can help them solve their problems.

A Compelling Headline and Subhead Line

You have to hook your ideal audience in from the moment they land on your opt-in page. If they aren’t compelled to keep reading, you’ll lose them within seconds of their arrival. A good headline speaks directly to the solution’s benefits for the specific person you created it for.

A List of Benefits Associated with The Freebie

To get started making a fantastic opt-in page, try writing down a list of the benefits associated with the freebie you’re trying to get them to download. It can sometimes help to list the features from your view and then attach benefits to each feature that you think is important.

The Sign-Up Form That Works

Depending on your goals, you’ll want a sign-up form that is simple and fast to use. Ask for the information you really need to qualify your leads, no more, and no less. For example, if you want to work with companies that hire at least 100 employees every year, you’ll want to include a field asking your audience to tell you how many employees they have before they get to download the freebie. This will ensure you are working with the right audience.

A Call to Action That Speaks to The Right Person

When you create CTAs, think about the exact person you want to sign up and talk to them. A CTA should be action-oriented and benefit-focused on the right people. The right people are your ideal audience members who will be hungry to use your solutions because they need them.

Attractive Visuals That Your Audience Loves

Every audience has different ideas about what looks good. Don’t trust yourself to know. Instead, study your audience and try different types of images and visuals. You’ll want the page to be uncluttered and the reader’s eyes to be directed in the right places for it to work.

Social Proof to Help Build Trust

Don’t forget to add information that helps build trust, such as social proof. Social proof can appear in the form of testimonials, product reviews, and even a simple statement about how many people have downloaded the freebie and seen results.

Remember that you need to use your freebie opt-in page or landing page and form to attract a specific portion of your ideal audience. Therefore, use your words, visuals, and information wisely. Know your audience, know your offers, and understand the point of building your list with a hungry audience who wants what you are offering.

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