Attraction Marketing - Don't Write About Your Products

Previously we discussed the importance of word choice and branding to internet marketing. But now let’s talk for a minute about using online content that is not a sales pitch but is or blog. 

One of the best ways to attract people to your business is to present yourself as an expert. You can become a leader on a topic. If you have followed your passion as suggested then you are probably well versed in your field of interest. There are many experts out there who never share what they know. In fact, many don’t even see themselves as experts even though they are!

For example, perhaps you are an expert on Conder Tokens like the ones you can find on the Conder Token Gallery. The coins were manufactured in the late 18th century and there is a niche market of collectors fascinated with the coins. They buy, trade, and sell the coins regularly and are always anxious for news about the Conder coin market. Collectors and investors enjoy sharing news about coin discoveries, coin forgeries and coin grading.

If you are an expert on Conder coins and have a coin business then you also have the perfect opportunity to promote your business by not writing about your products. Yes…you read right. Instead of writing about the products you have for sale, you will write about coin collecting or about various Conder coins from an expert viewpoint. You will help people solve problems, find information and explain how to avoid buying fraudulent coins. What you will not write about is your business. Your topics should have broad applicability to the niche market. You can provide this information in a number of ways. Continuing with Conder Coins as the topic, you can:

  • Write topical e-books – a short virtual booklet in PDF format that discusses Conder Coins (consumers have to buy the long information filled version)
  • Publish newsletters – information filled page you can post on your website or link to in your blog that addresses Conder coin topics
  • Post online videos with interesting lectures on particular coins or educating the public •Start a blog – information filled blog on ConderCoins that lets the marketplace leave comments
  • Write articles – and post on ezine websites
  • Leave comments on topical blogs and forums that will publish your name

The purpose of posting these online items online is to establish your reputation as an expert. You will include your name and links to your website or blog but you will not try to sell or advertising anything. The more your name gets out there and is connected with a particular topic, the more customers you will attract to your website.

This is an excellent attraction marketing strategy. It’s free or inexpensive and it will attract the specific type of customer who is most likely to buy your products or services. In the preceding section we talked about niche marketing. Well here is a way to reach deep into that niche market. The more you post online, the better BUT the material must be high quality. You can’t write poor quality content and expect people to respect you. The information must be well researched and valuable. You should read a variety of blogs to find out what problems people are having and then offer solutions. That will get people’s attention quickly.

Thoughtful content posted online is another form of Law of Attraction marketing. It’s simple to do and is sure to attract people in your niche market.

You have certainly heard of keywords, and we are not going to go over information you probably know already. Suffice it to say that keywords are used by search engines in a number of ways to result search results. Keywords are placed on websites, in articles, on blogs and in ad campaigns. The goal is to make it easier for internet browsers to find you.

What many people new to internet marketing don’t know is that are several free tools available online to help you pinpoint keywords used most frequently by internet users. This can help you write content that is on target using phrases and words that your customers are using.

Law of Attraction marketing focuses on taking advantage of everything possible to attract new customers. Keywords will always play an important role in internet marketing. They are the words that attract the very people most likely to buy your products or to need your services. As you use the keyword tracking tools, you can develop a list of words that you will regularly call on when writing content of any kind. In other words … attract with words!

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