Attraction Marketing - Fall in Love Again

Robert G. Allen in Multiple Streams of Internet Income discussed the concept of being “customer-centric” as opposed to “profit-centric.” Being customer-centric means you develop a real relationship with customers as opposed to pushing sales. Developing customer trust is essential to building a successful business that is enduring and has customers that return. Though one-time sales may be nice when they occur, the good feeling quickly dissipates when revenue declines due to lack of repeat sales.

A customer-centric business owner knows how to use customer service to develop customer trust. With trust comes a long-term commitment to your business. A trusting relationship brings revenue with it proving once again that Law of Attraction marketing is successful. 

People do not choose retailers or service providers based on price alone. Their buying decisions are not always that rational or use such simple logic. People want to feel their business is valued. That’s why a common complaint among dissatisfied customers is often about poor service. When you establish a bond with customers based on trust, the relationship deepens.

Think about two people who meet, are attracted to each other and then fall in love. Their emotions become more intense and deeper. You don’t want your customers falling in love with you, but you certainly want them falling in love with your business. To do that you must first attract them and then do everything you can to deepen the relationship. 

In doing you will also develop multiple streams of income for the simple reason that internet marketing, public relations and customer service are blended into a new marketing beast you could call mark-pub-cust-serv (just kidding again!)!

So how do you deepen customer relationships? Think of falling in love again and how you want to do everything you can to please the other person. “Oh Darling, you are so beautiful! I am so happy you are in my life. What can I do to make you happy? Tell me how I can prove my love for you! Anything you want, it’s yours!” Well, you get the idea. You have to prove to your customers that you love them and want them to love you back. Positive emotions create a positive reality and this is Law of Attraction marketing.

  • Deliver a consistent message of customer love over and over again using a reliable email campaign delivering words of wisdom, great information and proof you truly care 
  • Develop a promotional offer that customers will find attractive and see as a sign you would love their business (like a free gift for leaving contact information)
  • Make it easy for customers to get hold of you by giving them options like emailing, telephoning, chatting and even writing (yes…some people still write letters!)
  • Concentrate on providing excellent customer service instead of just pushing products
  • As for feedback and then use the information to improve customer service

The Lego customer service site is ready to help customers in multiple ways. You notice this web page isn’t primarily selling products; it’s giving service. You can contact the company, get free instructions on building Lego toys, find store locations, read a Help section or even complete asurvey and let the company what you are thinking. 

Lego loves its customers! You need to love yours too. You can use the Law of Attraction concepts with very little monetary investment too. These are ideas and concepts that can be implemented and not expensive web design

suggestions. Even if you are only operating a blog right now, you can still apply these concepts of “love thy potential and new customers”.

To Your Success,

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