Attraction Marketing - Is Your Website Rich?

People love to read quotes by famous people. It’s just one of those little facts of life that you can turn to your advantage. In fact, attraction marketing means using tools and techniques that attract the right kind of customer to your business. If you cater to a market that appreciates humour then you can add funny quotes. If you want to inspire people then go for the inspirational quotes. It’s not really the quote itself that markets but the fact the quote humanises a website.

The Law of Attraction marketing dictates that you do what you have to do to project your persona and your passion for your business. A website can be cold and uninviting unless you offer viewers treats and inspiring content. You can turn your website into a favourite stop over spot on the internet by adding rich content that makes your site useful, interesting and fun to visit. One of the new rules of online marketing is that you have to give people something free to convince them you really care. Earlier we discussed some of the ways to add value to your marketing efforts, and making your online content varied and fresh is yet another value addition.

Attracting visitors to your website is just the first step. You have to keep the visitor on your site once there and convince him or her to return again and again. The more reasons you give someone to stay or return to your business, the more likely you are to make a sale.

You don’t have to have a lot of elaborate features. You just need to make your customers feel comfortable. Law of Attraction marketing always comes back to creating emotions. That is how bonds are formed. You don’t have to offer a lot of free items that cost money. You can add features like a daily quote. Or you might want to include a weekly funny cartoon on your website. 

Maybe you will offer an informative tip of the day related to your business. For example, if you have a fitness website you could offer a free exercise tip each day. It doesn’t have to be long, but it does have to have value to people who are most likely to become customers.

Websites can be enriched with testimonials, a link to a one page newsletter filled with relevant information, or a summary of current research on products.

The Law of Attraction marketing doesn’t really say you should avoid unattractive websites, but we’re making that a principle right now. Nothing will chase a browser away faster than a website that assaults the senses. 

It’s okay to be trendy but you can go overboard too. When you are designing your website for a particular type of customer you have to make sure it appeals to the market you are trying to reach. In some respects you can apply the human attraction characteristics to what makes attractive websites. The website should have a pleasing “personality” for example. It should be inviting and easy to communicate with. You should be able to understand what it is saying. It should not be “in your face” if you will excuse a bit of slang. 

It is frustrating to visit a website you know has good information and be unable to find it. It doesn’t take long for people to abandon a site they can’t manoeuvre through or around easily. Links should be well-placed and obvious. Did you know that the spot a link occupies can affect your sales? Move a link from the bottom corner of a page to the top of the page where it’s eye level and sales will rise.

Here are a few more rules about web design.

  • Include high quality content
  • Keep instruction simple because viewers aren’t going to read an instruction manual to learn how to click around the website
  • Make it easy for customers to find the important links like product listing or descriptions
  • Make sure the background and text colours mix well and that text is easily readable
  • Keep opt-in forms or subscriber boxes very basic
  • Writing should be grammatically correct and error free
  • Don’t try to be cute because it annoys people who are just trying to find and buy what they need and want to get the job done as quickly as possible
  • Keep the website fairly simple and don’t let it get too busy looking or too “stuffed”
  • Make sure all the links on the website work properly

To attract and keep customers, you need to pay attention to website design and functionality.

To Your Success,

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