Attraction Marketing - Leverage with Circles

You are thinking about how you will succeed in your internet business and the positive juices are flowing. Success, as we have talked about, depends very heavily on having the right attitude. But a little leverage doesn’t hurt either. Law of Attraction marketing combines the right attitude about success and it’s not just your attitude we’re talking about.

There are lots of people out there who have the right attitude and have already achieved success. So why not make life a little easier and take advantage of what they have already learned through trial and error and lots of effort. Using leverage, in the mentoring sense, can be defined as taking the short path to success by learning from others. You can certainly do everything from scratch but why should you? A mentor is someone who shows you the ropes and shares valuable tips you can use to advance your attractiveness at a faster rate.

There is a Native American proverb that says, “Listen or your tongue will keep you deaf.” Native American tribes believe in the power of circles. A group of people, sitting together in a circle, share reflective information for the collective good. Each person learns from what the others say and in the process learns to listen and share. Circles can grow and expand as necessary when people want to share. What a wonderful concept! A circle is using leverage to create new relationships and shared thought. The circle begins with a commitment by group members because you must be willing to share.

In the book The Fifth Discipline, Peter M. Senge shares a quote by Molly Baldwin who is the founder of Roca. Roca is an organisation committed to helping young people live safe and nurtured lives. She said, “We have a saying we learned from a chief justice of a Navajo tribal court. He says, ‘You can’t get to a good place in a bad way.’ Circles keep us grounded in our connectedness and create community day by day as we confront whatever we have to confront together.” (p. 265-266)

 If this seems to wax a bit poetic about mentoring then you need to remember that this e-book promised to be different from the traditional e-book on internet marketing. This book wants to show you how you can you use your particular attractiveness on an intellectual and emotional level to improve business results. 

A mentor is someone who can teach you what they know. You can have one, two or a whole circle of mentors. Work with mentors and you can become a richer person in so many ways: intellectually, emotionally and financially.

The Law of Attraction can help you find important mentors. If you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed and stay focused on what you want in your life, then it means you will pursue all avenues of success. Along the way you are going to find people you want in your circle. Your positive attitude and enthusiasm will be recognised and rewarded by these mentors. Mentors are found in many different ways:

  • Business associates
  • Online forums
  • Online professional mentoring consultants
  • Membership in professional organisations
  • Workshops and seminars

You can also take advantage of professional advice offered in audio tapes, on DVDs and in books. If you know someone who has information you want, it’s also possible to interview the person. People who are full of positive energy will pursue every way possible to leverage information. Leveraging mentor information and ideas into success is quite satisfying. You gain access to professional advice quickly and cheaply!

Attracting Emails

In this age of technology, there is plenty of opportunity to inundate people with information they didn’t ask for and don’t want. For example, you can broadcast emails as far and as wide as you want to as many people as you want. 

Do you know what happens to most of them? They get sent to that little trash can icon in one of two ways. The first way is the person receiving the email doesn’t recognise the sender and so throws it away. The second way is the email gets sent right to spam.

Despite what you may have learned about email marketing in the past, you do not want to build a contact list with any and all email contacts. You want your list to be built with prequalified leads and people who have given you permission in some way to contact them through email.

If you inundate someone with emails they don’t really want to read then you are going to soon be on their list of annoying people to avoid. If you are thinking that is okay because you don’t get your feelings hurt easily, then think again. In Law of Attraction marketing you want to only do those activities that create positive responses.

 When you bring a negative image on yourself then the whole business suffers. Remember the discussion on branding? When you are marketing, everything you do impacts your brand. Negative reactions to emails will project into a poor opinion of your whole business. Even if someone was interested in something you have for sale the potential customer just might refuse to make an order just because he or she doesn’t like your methods.

You would think this would be obvious and yet every day email inboxes are filled with spam. In Law of Attraction marketing your goal is to build aa spam-free email marketing system. How do you build an email list that attracts new customers while not scaring away the existing ones and also promotes sales?

  • Don’t use the blind CC line because spam filters recognise this trick and will block your emails
  • Use opt-in boxes on your website and ask viewers to provide an email address
  • Add the email addresses of people who voluntarily give them to you through offline marketing activities (think: I’ll give a free promotional offer if you give me your email address)
  • Send emails that have information of value in them so the reader wants to read to the end
  • Add a call to action link in the email that is part of a well-worded professional sounding email with the link taking the reader to a landing page
  • Target the emails you send to market segments (i.e. one email to those indicating they want to lose weight and a different email to those who are interested in staying health with dietary supplementation)
  • Include information in the email that is about a product, service, promotion, newsletter or anything else directly related to your business
  • Use autoresponders to provide excellent service to customers

There is a right way and a wrong way to use emails for marketing. The right way will net you new business and help you retain customers. The right way attracts new customers and makes your business look attractive. But use them the wrong way and you can cause irreparable damage.

To Your Success,

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