Attraction Marketing - Marketing Pied Piper: Call to Action

A common mistake that people is failing to issue a clear call to action on marketing material. This is once again true for both online and offline marketing material. When you have managed to attract the attention of customers the next step is to get them to act. 

In other words, you want to encourage the customers you attract to click, buy, phone, send or visit. Of course, “buy” is the cream of the crop among actions.

Earlier we discussed the fact that marketing and public relations have blended into mark-pub-cust-serv. Now you can have a link on a website that promotes a product, makes it easy for customers to navigate and makes it possible to sell something to a customer. Click this! C’mon…follow me!

A call to action is really you pretending to be the Pied Piper. Do you remember that story? The piper would play his flute and people would line up behind him to follow him wherever he went. The Pied Piper had the Law of Attraction down pat. Make upbeat beautiful music and make it easy for people to follow you, and that is exactly what they will do.

Think of your calls to action as Pied Piper impersonators. Convince someone to click or listen or attend or visit or send and you can lead them right to your products and services. Now you know that there are official rules about calls to action. These rules reflect information gathered by psychologists, social scientists and marketing experts who study consumer behaviour. The Law of Attraction says you must focus on what you want to achieve and it will come to you. The Law of Attraction marketing strategy says your calls to action must be focused in order to convince customers to… you got it… Act!

Here is call to action example found on the Herbalife website at This should give you a good idea of how a call to action can take many different forms. A call to action may say, “Learn more about….” or “Contact us for more information….” or “Click this link to see our product listing” or “Add this item to your shopping cart.” There are so many ways to inspire action that they are too numerous to list.

The rules for calls to action include the following:

  • Call to action should be placed on marketing material, including a website, so that it is prominent and easy to spot
  • Call should create a positive emotional response (Yes! Let me click right now!!)
  • It should be easy to figure out how to respond to the call
  • Call should be loud and clear and easy to read
  • A call should appear on all marketing material and every web page
  • A call should make it clear what the next step is for the customer

A call to action doesn’t have to request the customer buy something. You can use call to action requests to deepen the attraction customers have for your business. They can be used to take customers to a place where they can read more about you or your business for example. 

Judicious use of calls to action can attract customers and help you keep them! Become a Pied Piper and convince people to follow you wherever you lead with your calls to action.

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