Attraction Marketing - Passionate Marketing

This discussion has been all about how you can apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to your internet business. A number of ways have been discussed so now you have options. The goal is to find and keep customers by creating a strong bond between you and them. Attraction marketing is about so much more than just selling. It is more about developing a relationship with customers so that they want to do business with you again and again.

Law of Attraction marketing could be called passion marketing except that it might give some people the wrong idea. But that is actually what it is all about. You identify your passion and then turn that passion into a business. This discussion was not your typical internet marketing discussion, because a successful internet business simply cannot rely only on the old rules of marketing.

It takes much more than marketing hype to succeed online. Too many books on internet marketing only focus on the mechanics of marketing. Anyone can learn how to send an email for example. But do you know how to send an email that will attract attention? Anyone can try to market to the whole internet viewer population. But do you know that more success can be found in marketing to a niche market in the Long Tail?

In fact, too much internet marketing concentrates on forcing people to read or listen to information they don’t really want to know. Instead, marketing should reflect passion for your business that draws in customers who voluntarily want to know more. Marketing should be creative and establish a bridge between the customer and your business and it should be a bridge the customer wants to cross!

Though there are necessarily some mechanics described in the preceding material, you will notice that there is not much technical talk. You were not to get bogged down in technical jargon. Instead the goal was to teach you how to stay focused on what you want to achieve so that you can make your business a successful reality.

Almost all of the marketing ideas discussed can be done with little or no money. That’s one of the magical features of the internet. You can broadcast your presence on the internet and drive traffic right to your website or blog. You can use a variety of marketing strategies and develop a long term relationship with customers.

Law of Attraction marketing is a fascinating foray into a world where people and technology mix in a way that leads to success. When you display your passion for your business and your passion for customer service, people will want to do business with you. They will be attracted to your business.

What have we learned?

  • What you are thinking will influence your ability to attract customers so always think positive thoughts
  • Positive thoughts and positive marketing efforts will lead to positive results
  • Believe without hesitation in your ability to succeed 
  • Nothing in life is instantaneous and you must prevail in order to succeed
  • You can bring ‘luck’ into your life as easily as you can bring ‘bad luck’
  • Your internet marketing efforts should reflect your passion for honesty, truth and integrity
  • There is unlimited opportunity
  • It takes positive energy to keep things flowing in the right direction
  • You must be absolutely clear about you vision and goals
  • You must be adaptable and ready to embrace new technology, new ideas and new opportunities
  • Develop a personal brand and make sure that brand is reflected in everything you do

When you read about the common reasons internet businesses fail, the lists always include things like poor website design or failure to commit enough time to the business. But you seldom see anything that says “lack of passion for business.” Yet a lack of passion is precisely what leads to many failed businesses.

To Your Success,

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