Attraction Marketing - Promises to Yourself

The only way you can succeed is if you make and keep promises to yourself. It is too easy to become mired in day-to-day activities, work, and self-doubt and to let the opportunities pass you by.

Here is a simple list that you can amend as you wish but just don’t toss it out. These are statements intended to help you create a plan you can stick with!

  1. I will think positive thoughts about my ability to succeed and will not let those around me sway me from my course
  2. I will identify my true passion in life without regard for what I currently do for a living
  3. I will define my vision in concrete terms and then use that vision to guide my efforts
  4. I will not fear poverty
  5. I will do research to identify a niche market I can serve well
  6. I will create a marketing plan using many of the tools and ideas described in the e-book
  7. I will develop my personal brand
  8. I will start a blog as a minimum this week and then link it to a website within 6 months
  9. I will issue a press release about the new website 
  10. I will join a forum and begin participating
  11. I will post e-zine articles and other information on the web to promote my expertise
  12. I will build an email contact list
  13. I will develop a series of promotional and customer service emails 
  14. I will develop more than one source of internet income
  15. I will think positive thoughts about my ability to continue to succeed!

To Your Success 

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