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So you think you are too small to issue news releases? Think again! Press releases should be included in Law of Attraction marketing. It’s true! You don’t have to be a large company to take advantage of the press release or the virtual newsroom. Many small business owners just don’t fully realise that the internet has truly levelled the playing field in many ways. 

Remember how we talked about the fact that your thinking leads to real events? Your thinking can also lead to inaction. If you are stuck in a mindset that harkens back to the days when press releases were reserved for major news events by large corporations then you aren’t going to write press releases. But press releases offer a way to attract new customers and to expand your presence on the internet. Press releases fit perfectly within the context of positive thinking because they say, “Hey…look at me…and what I accomplished just to add value to YOUR life!” 

Of course, if you have never written a press release before then the task can seem a bit daunting. But there is an amazing number of free press writing templates online to help you with the standard formatting. One thing you should know is that press releases do need to follow a particular format before they will be considered by news media.

A quick Google search found plenty of free templates. What makes a press release different from other marketing media materials is that the information is meant to announce important information about your product, service or business and should not be filled with marketing hype. A press release is not a sales flyer. It is news!

A press release can perform a number of business functions. 

  • Expand your online presence
  • Promote your quality reputation
  • Add a sense of authenticity to your business
  • Increase sales of products and services

A press release is not intended to be a flashy marketing announcement. You don’t add graphics and cheesy looking animation or big screaming headlines (even if you are tempted!). Resist! Resist! 

The press release can inform readers of new products or product enhancements; new services; personal information that enhances your reputation; a new partnership; revolutionary additions to your website or any other information online newsrooms might be interested in. You don’t have to wait for big news to issue a press release. You can send them as often as you want as long as you have something of interest to say. Sorry…”Buy this”…won’t cut it.

The press release is not complicated. It is made up of a headline, a few paragraphs, a quote by you and contact information. Yes, it really is that simple and the templates mentioned earlier can walk you through them. But there are a few things you can do that help your online press release get you maximum benefits.

  • Write press releases your customers would be interested in reading
  • Use plenty of the keywords your customers would use 
  • Write about a topic in a way that makes consumers believe they need to take advantage of this new offer or opportunity right now
  • Include links to your website or blog
  • Add tags (more on that topic later)

If you are not comfortable writing your own press release then you can always pay someone to do it for you. There are ghostwriting companies like Exquisite Writing that can help for a small fee.

Once your press release is written, what then? You want to get it posted online in as many places as possible. You can submit your press releases yourself to editors and
reporters but you need to know the truth. It can be difficult to get your press release noticed because yours will be just one of thousands being submitted every day. Under the best circumstances, your press release will be picked up by Google, Yahoo or MSN news services.

There are free and inexpensive ways to submit though. Check out these websites and find loads of useful information and free press release service.

  • (
  • 24-7pressrelease (
  • Free Publicity (

Naturally the services that charge you can offer a greater chance of getting your press release picked up by the big media companies such as Google News. Here are a few you can look at and see if any fit your budget and needs. You’re warned though – some can get expensive. If nothing else you can get some free tips and ideas on how to promote your business.

  • PRWeb (
  • PR Newswire (
  • Internet News Bureau (
  • 99centarticles (

In many internet marketing e-books focused on small businesses working on a budget, the subject of press releases is ignored. Yet press releases and virtual newsrooms make ideal customer attractors. Isn’t that what the Law of Attraction marketing is all about – finding and keeping customers? But press releases also offer another advantage. They can help you humanise your online business through quotes and descriptions of your expertise. People can get to know you better and learn to trust you. It’s attraction marketing at its finest!

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