Attraction Marketing - The Law of Attraction in Action

There’s a pair… Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog! Attraction can create strange bedfellows to paraphrase an old expression. You just never know who is going to love who when it comes right down to it. In the case of Miss Piggy and Kermit it was love that was rooted in a brilliant marketing campaign designed to attract both children and adults.

It worked too! Both characters became celebrities and to this day both frequently appear on television shows, at award ceremonies and for charity fundraisers. If you could name a perfect marketing campaign, the joining of these two characters should be at the top of the list. We can learn a lot from the pig and the frog. Listen to them talk and they believe in themselves. Miss Piggy may come across a bit arrogant, but she is focused at all times. Kermit may waver in the face of such a strong personality, but in the end he is always on track and true to himself. As a result, this team of make-believe animals can sell or promote just about anything to anyone. Now consider Billy Mays the television salesman. He passed away not long ago but not without establishing a remarkable reputation for being able to sell anything to anyone. He was a carnival barker in Atlantic City before earning millions as a simple honest and enthusiastic salesman. When you watched him promote products, you just knew he really believed in what he was selling and what he was saying.

This middle aged huckster could convince millions of people to buy kitchen tools, car cleaners or work tools. He could sell men or women’s products. He could convince anyone that they needed exactly what he was selling. Even if you didn’t need what he was selling, it was almost impossible to not watch him because he was always so darn enthusiastic and upbeat that he made you happy and hopeful.

If there was a way to personify the Law of Attraction it would be Miss Piggy and Kermit or Billy Mays. These non-human and human characters are focused, energetic, and able to attract people and money and attention and many other things. That is what the Law of Attraction is all about. A formal definition is as follows:

You will attract to your life whatever you give energy,
focus and attention to on a regular basis.

Here’s the catch. You will attract both wanted and unwanted things so you need to be careful what you give your attention to! In other words, you can attract negative as well as positive people, objects and events. Want some proof? Just think about people you know that always seem to have things go the wrong way. They experience bad relationships not once, but over and over again. They never seem to succeed no matter what they try. They have gloomy attitudes and view the world in a negative context. The question is what comes first: the negative attitude or the negative events?

It works the other way too. There are people who always seem to have things go right in their lives. They are always upbeat and see the glass as being half full. You would swear that things just seem to fall into their laps with extraordinary good luck. The Law of Attraction says that the like will lead to the like. Believe that good things will come your way and good things do come. Believe you are a victim waiting to happen and sure enough, you become a victim over and over again. It’s amazing how focused a negative person can be. To borrow some words from a Creedence Clearwater Revival song Bad Moon Rising, people with negative focus always seem to be singing these words:

Bad times, good times, bad moon, full moon,
which do you want to see on the way?

This may be a bit unusual approach for explaining the Law of Attraction, but that is what it is really about in a nutshell. People create much of their own world or environment just by the thoughts and attitudes they assume. Remember the buzzwords discussed earlier? Here are some more: out-of-the-blue, fate and luck.

There is an old expression that says we make our own luck. That is a particularly appropriate expression when it comes to business. Did you know that 90% of online businesses will fail within one to two years of start-up? And the common reasons for failure include:

  • Lack of commitment to the business
  • Failure to market the business 
  • Failure to provide adequate customer support
  • Lack of branding 
  • Lack of core values that direct business activities 
  • Lack of planning 
  • Unattractive presentation 
  • Lack of vision

There are others, but these problems are typically found in businesses that do not survive the intense competition. You may be wondering what this has to do with the Law of Attraction. Well…look at this list closely and you realise there is a common thread that ties each of these items together into a cohesive unit.

Let the drums roll… it is lack of focus, energy and attention! What is missing is the positive attitude, effort and commitment that brings positive results. Instead the business flounders because negative forces are at work. Lack of interest and low energy lead to a failure to attract new customers or keep existing customers.

One of the mistakes people make is treating an internet business as if it doesn’t involve people. What a big mistake! The internet does pertain to people, and how your business interacts with them begins with you and only you. You can flounder in negative energy and struggle to understand why people are not attracted to your business, or you can master the positive side of the Law of Attraction and build a successful business.

To Your Success:

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