How Many Landing Pages Does Your Website Need?

How Many Landing Pages Does Your Website Need?

As you work on creating your lead magnets and landing pages to build your list and get your first or next 1000 subscribers, let’s think about why you need landing pages and look at what the research suggests about landing pages.

A landing page is simply a page on your site that is very precise and directed toward a specific purpose. It’s a stand-alone page that you make just for marketing and advertising one thing. When your visitor lands on this page, they will be able to educate themselves on the offer without distractions and convert into a lead through the sign-up form.

According to, the more landing pages you have on your website, the more traffic you’ll receive and the more conversions you’ll get. In fact, studies show that websites with more than 40 landing pages will increase their conversions by over 500 percent.

Ensure that you follow the rules of landing pages to ensure they really do convert. Optimize the landing pages you create for SEO, sound design, effective CTAS, and of course, make sure the landing page copy speaks directly to the audience member you want to convert, focusing on the benefits to them your offer gives them.

For example, create a new landing page for each traffic source you want to attract, even if it’s the same freebie. You want each visitor to your landing page to feel unique and important to you, so the people who come to get your freebie from a guest blog post see information important to them compared to the people who visit from your email list. If you segment the landing pages and write the copy for your audience of one, based on where they’re coming from and where they are in their buying journey, you’ll be more successful converting your visitors to leads.

To be successful, create at least one landing page for each segment you want to download your freebie and follow the rules for a well-made and highly converting landing page.

* Focus on your Unique Selling Point – What makes you different?
* Use Compelling Images and Video – Use directional images that relate to your audience.
* Tell Them What’s In It for Them – Benefits over features.
* Develop Effective Calls to Action – Practice writing CTAs and test them.
* Include Social Proof – Who else likes it? Why you?
* Optimize for SEO – Search engine optimization helps everyone. Learn all you can about on-page and off-page SEO.

When you do this, you will be very successful in converting people to your list. Remember, once you get them on your list, you need to keep them there by providing interesting and informative information every day.

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