Wrapping Up Your 30 Day Get Your First 1000 Subscribers Challenge

Wrapping Up Your 30Day Get Your First 1000 Subscribers Challenge

It’s hard to believe, but the 30 days get your first 1000 subscribers challenge is complete with this blog post. The following posts are part of this series. You can save this page and return to it again and again as you continue building your list and making it stronger and more profitable.

1. 10 Ways to Get to Know Your Audience Better
2. Reasons to Study Your Competition Carefully
3. Create Customer Personas or Avatars Based on The Buying Journey
4. Get Business Education: Know and Understand Your Offers
5. Develop and Create a Mission Statement for Your Business
6. Learn to Focus on The Benefits of Your Offers
7. Choose Your Email Marketing Technology Carefully
8. Email Marketing: What You Need to Make It All Work
9. Common Mistakes When Choosing Autoresponders
10. Design and Create Compelling Lead Magnets
11. Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Use
12. Lead Magnet Mistakes to Avoid
13. Create and Set Up Email Autoresponder Messages
14. Get More Subscribers: Use This Autoresponder Sequence to Keep Your List Engaged
15. 5 List-Building Success Tips
16. Create Landing Pages for Your Freebies
17. 6 Things to Include on Your Freebie Opt-in Page
18. 10 Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid
19. How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages
20. How Many Landing Pages Does Your Website Need?
21. 19 Traffic Generation Dos and Don’ts
22. Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Plan
23. Tips to Develop Your Overall Content Marketing Plan
24. 10 Content Marketing Tips for Email Marketing Success
25. 11 Ways SEO Improves Email Marketing
26. 12 Tips for Getting the SEO Right for Your Ideal Audience
27. How to Optimize Your Email Subject Lines
28. Nothing is Done Until You Track Your Metrics
29. 18 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
30. Bonus: Monetizing Your Email Messages

As you go through these tasks and work on building your email list by learning more about your audience, your competition, and yourself, you’re going to be surprised at how successful you’ll become. Your email list is a powerful tool for building your business bigger than you may have ever considered. Many online business owners build multiple six-figure businesses this way. You can too.

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